Jeff Goodman Studio


North Bowl

The North Bowl is a classic Jeff Goodman piece designed in 1988. Every bowl is hand poured, etched then enameled with the four compass points  – N E S W.

The perfect gift. A simple statement.


Lettering available in gold, silver and copper. Clear glass.
One size: 6″h X 6″w X 6″l

North Bowl Specifications (PDF 819KB)
JGS Catalogue (5MB)


Leaf Bowl

The Leaf Bowl is shallow and oval by design. Single rods of glass are fused together and melted into the final shape. The frosted finish compliments the glass with a soft glow.

14” to 21”wide x 25” to 29”long
Available only in white

Leaf Bowl Specifications (PDF 418KB)
JGS Catalogue (PDF 5MB)


Compass Bowl

The Compass Bowl is a Jeff Goodman classic. This is a hand blown bowl and is unique and one of kind. It has the four compass point etched into the glass. The letters are clear and the bowl has a frosted surface finish.

8″ to 14″ diameter

Compass Specifications (PDF 532KB)
JGS Catalogue (PDF 5MB)


Available in over 20 colours.

Colour chart (PDF 598KB)
Colour Chart